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Curriculum Vitae: Hannes Neethling

Personal profile

I am a technologist specialising in data-driven services and APIs. My last job was in IoT telemetry, related to sustainable heat networks. Before that I worked in fintech, designing and building data science applications for detecting and preventing financial crime. I studied computer science between 2014 and 2016, achieving an MSc degree with merit.

Over the last few years I have gained significant experience in engineering orientated roles. During this period I have also been developing an increasing interest in data and knowledge management, including areas such as cloud computing and machine learning. I am currently enrolled in a part-time, post-graduate course in AI at the University of Leeds. At the same time I am looking for interesting roles or project-based contracts in the field of data science.

About this site

Please use the links in the top menu bar to explore my career history and tech experience. A summary of my CV (with contact details) can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format as well. In addition there are links to my LinkedIn page and my public facing GitHub code repositories, illustrating a few simple samples of my work.

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